A society aiming to make biodiversity data available for the benefit of science and environmental management.

The Society for the Management of Electronic Biodiversity Data (SMEBD) is a professional society of scientists, authors of biodiversity databases that are published on the internet, through collaborative initiatives such as Euro+Med Plantbase, FADA, Fauna Europaea, ERMS and WoRMS. Membership is free and open to all contributors to these initiatives.

SMEBD holds the copyright, intellectual property rights and, where appropriate, ownership of the contributing databases. It acts on behalf of its members to defend their interests, manage the databases and to provide a legal basis for their protection. It promotes the publication, dissemation and use of data and information, and development of new biodiversity data-related initiatives and projects.

The Society itself is governed by a Council elected by its members. The council appoints committees  that manage the data generated by SMEBD’s activities and selects the host institutes or publishers of the databases.


SMEBD wishes to acknowledge funding from the European Commission through the EU FP7 research infrastructure project PESI: Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure.



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